Classes for adults can range from Conversational English to Professional. The structure of the class will largely be defined by your English goals and needs. 

Are you looking to comfortably converse with English speakers or when travelling abroad? Or is your aim to confidently express yourself in a professional environment, such as presenting at a conference with international stakeholders?

Professional English

For those looking to expand their Professional English, I teach students belonging to a wide variety of industries, ranging from medicine to finance, entrepreneurs and more.


My classes will help you to speak confidently with the correct pronunciation, express yourself accurately using the appropriate language, and ensure that you can give a strong representation of your business self.

Conversational English

Adults looking to develop their conversational English can expect to build their vocabulary, strengthen their speaking skills and improve their ability to have conversations covering everyday life. 

Classes can be centred around English books such as Oxford's Word Skills, where you will learn about grammar, idioms and expressions, or follow a more conversational approach - this will really depend on YOUR wants and needs. Being Irish - I can assure you I will never run out of things to talk about!!

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WhatsApp Image 2020-07-09 at 9.26.14 PM.