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- Primary to Secondary -

Whether your child needs to improve their level of English to meet the standards at a new school, has a specific problem area that they are struggling with, or simply could benefit from the extra support provided by a private tutor, I am flexible in adapting my approach to each student's needs and pace.

I engage children in the learning process, encouraging them to be curious and creative. It is my educational philosophy that happy children learn more, and so I am committed to ensuring that my students feel comfortable and develop confidence in my classroom - and take that back to school with them! ... a cup of tea and a few biscuits help!

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- Early years -

Bringing literacy to life through interactive and international teaching methods - for foundational literacy skills, phonics, spelling and grammar. 
Students will learn through British renowned programmes such as Letterland and Jolly Phonics, which offer a multi-sensory, story-based, and engaging approach to improve your child's reading and writing skills.

- Higher Education -

I have extensive experience preparing students applying to schools which follow Cambridge IGCSE, or International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, as well as students already belonging to these courses which could benefit from further support.

I  also welcome more senior students who are preparing for standarised accredited testing systems that prove English ability, such as the TOEFL and alternatives.